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Big Idea’s Focus on Network Security


What changes has your company had to make due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you shifted to a work from home business, whether permanently or temporarily? Luckily for most of us, internet and cloud-based technologies make this setup possible, almost at the blink of an eye. Virtual meetings, collaborative projects, and access to all networks is possible from anywhere.

But with these amazing advances in technology comes big risk. Cyber Security is one of the biggest threats to businesses these days.

Big Idea Technology (BIT) is working around the clock to stay ahead of these ever-evolving risks and keep our clients, their data and networks safe. In order to stay ahead of cyber-attacks, one must constantly train in the newest strategies in tools. Recently, the entire BIT Team completed a Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Engineers certification.

“Our employees are our greatest asset.  A well-trained team is the key to guiding our clients on best security practices in this unfortunate time” stated Ben Brukner, CEO.

Big Idea Technology strives to be a Security-First, Cloud-First and Mobile-First company with a zero-trust philosophy, continuously staying up to date on the state of the threat landscape and the most sophisticated defense mechanisms as we feel it is a journey which never ends.

BIT is currently offering free Security Assessments to prospective clients.  To schedule an assessment contact sales@bigideatech.com or visit https://bigideatech.com/contact/