These days, everyone is talking about “The Cloud.”  What does this mean for your business?  Your business might be served best by applications that are hosted on servers in your office (On-Prem or Private Cloud), or applications that are hosted on another company’s shared servers (Public Cloud), or by a combination of Private and Public (Hybrid Cloud).

The team at Big Idea has over 100 years of combined experience supporting cloud solutions for our clients and for ourselves.  We know that each business has different needs.  When we meet with you, we analyze your business needs to determine the best computing model for your business.

We support a variety of solutions, combinations of solutions, and custom solutions to meet the needs of your business.  Your business might be wary of the privacy and security of the Cloud, or have custom applications which would require that you use an On-Prem solution.  In contrast, your business might prefer standard out-of-the-box applications or have a distributed user base, which would best be served Public Cloud.  Or your business might benefit from a hybrid model hosting some applications On-Prem while using third-party providers in the Cloud for other services.  These are too many cloud services available to list them all here, and some cloud solutions are listed under the other categories of solutions on our website.

A few of the popular cloud services include:

  • Office 365
  • VoIP Phone systems
  • Domain Name Management

Please contact us, call 646-277-9700, or email for more information about Cloud solutions.