Your business cannot function without its essential business applications and business data.  This makes IT Disaster Planning an essential part of your Business Continuity Plan.  Planning to recover from a disaster means anticipating the disasters your business might face and implementing solutions to enable your business to recover from each of them.

There are several categories of disasters that might impact your business.

  • Natural Disasters
  • Technology Malfunctions
  • Cyber Security Threats
  • Human Error
  • Malicious Intent

The executive team at Big Idea has over 100 years of combined experience implementing solutions to protect our clients’ data.  When you meet with us, we’ll discuss your key business applications and where your data is stored.  Then, we’ll work with you to prepare a security assessment and make changes to secure your systems and your data.

Some of the solutions we implement include:

  • Backup
  • Disaster Planning and Data Recovery
  • Redundancy
  • Firewall, Virus, Spyware and Malware Protection
  • Access Control
  • Monitoring, Optimization & Reporting

Big Idea schedules backups on a schedule that meets the needs of your business, and makes sure that your systems are restorable for Disaster Recovery.  We incorporate redundancy when designing your systems to minimize the possibility of downtime and data loss in the event of an IT malfunction.  We optimize your systems through maintenance, updates and patches.  We set up your firewall and virus protection to help protect against cyber threats, and provide information about training your staff so that human error does not help cyber threats to bypass these solutions.  We also implement access controls to guard against malicious intent.  We proactively monitor your systems to detect issues and ensure that your business operations remain up and running.  The combination of many solutions helps your business to avoid many disasters and minimizes the impact to your business in the event of a disaster that cannot be prevented.

Please contact us, call 646-277-9700, or email for more information about our Disaster Recovery & Data Protection solutions.

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