Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on technology.  However, with technology becoming more complex, and the data that your company needs to manage and secure increasing, you may find it difficult to manage your IT.  That’s why many companies choose to outsource their IT support.

The team at Big Idea has over 100 years of combined experience managing and supporting technology for businesses in several industries.  We believe in empowering your business to rely on your technology in support of your business goals.  To get started, Big Idea provides a technology assessment to determine your company’s needs.  We then work with you to plan a strategy to implement the desired solutions within a time frame that is reasonable for your company, on a payment plan that you can afford.

When you outsource your technology department or technology projects, you’re able to take your mind off of managing your technology and focus on running your business.  We provide complete outsourced IT management services to small- and medium-sized businesses and perform project based engagements for small enterprises.

Please contact us, call 646-277-9700, or email for more information about our Managed Services, IT consulting and project-based services.